Track Your Order


Before contacting us please remember to read the following 3 pieces of information: 

1) Our products are so unique because they are patented & manufactured by only one factory in the world. Due to this fact the order processing time takes between 3-8 business days

2) After 3-8 business days your order will be shipped and you will receive your tracking number via e-mail. 

The subject of the e-mail message will be: " ZenElephants - URGENT - Tracking Number for order #xxxx " - inside this e-mail you will find your tracking number. 

3) Then after you receive the tracking number it will take another 5-18 business days (average time 10 business days) for the package to arrive. 

Please, contact us at if your tracking number is not up after 10 business days from the day of order placement. 

NOTE: If the package does not arrive within 60 days from the date of order placement (very rare situation) you have right to claim for a full refund. 

Kind Regards & Best Wishes,

ZenElephants Customer Service Team